Victor Martinez shares the most expensive and cheapest steroids on the market for bodybuilding

Victor Martinez shares the most expensive and cheapest steroids on the market for bodybuilding

IFBB Pro Bodybuilder, Victor Martinez goes into detail on the true cost of steroids during a year of bodybuilding prep on the GI Podcast

While anyone can train by doing outdoor or bodyweight cardio, the truth is, bodybuilding training isn’t free. There’s a wide variety of costs that go into transforming your physique for the stage. Your nutrition plan, yours supplementsand your workout/gym equipment comes at a cost. Yes, that also means steroids for those willing to take the risk for peak performance. But how much does steroids really cost? With the entire underground market for bodybuilding use, it can be difficult to get accurate information. In the latest episode of Iron generation podcast, Victor Martinez cuts fat and cuts the financial cost of steroids in bodybuilding.

Today it is common to find videos and articles explaining how to be a bodybuilder on a budget. You can look for a nutrition shopping budget. Find a gym membership that works for your bodybuilding needs. You can also run costs on your supplement budget based on the ideal stack for your brew. But one part of a bodybuilding budget that is rarely openly discussed is steroids.

For those familiar with the world of bodybuilding, it’s an open secret that most competitive bodybuilders use steroids to achieve the otherworldly physiques we often see on stage. Since these are banned substances in the US, there is less open discussion about PEDs. This includes the cost and how it will affect your budget overall.

Victor Martinez competed as a professional bodybuilder in the 2000s and 2010s. So he has a relatively intimate understanding with the financial costs of steroids during bodybuilding preparation.

Here’s why this week Iron generation podcast, Martinez is analyzing his personal experiences and sharing the true cost of steroids during a year of preparation for bodybuilding. He also breaks down the most expensive and cheapest substances on the market. Let’s jump in.

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What is the average cost of steroids for a bodybuilder?

During the podcast conversation, Victor Martinez is asked what the average cost of steroids is during a year of bodybuilding prep. Martinez admits that this can vary depending on what substances a bodybuilder wants to acquire and how you get them. Because steroids are a banned substance, they are purchased through some form of black market. Who you buy from can largely determine the price.

That said, Victor Martinez draws on his past experience to provide an estimate of how much steroids are costing him in a year. Ultimately cheaper, Martinez says a bodybuilder can probably spend at least $5,000 dollars on steroids when prepping. But often the cost can be as high as $15,000 total.

This is certainly something to consider when looking at your annual income and the rest of your bodybuilding budget. Victor Martinez is even asked if steroids or food have a higher total budget for a bodybuilder. Martinez says food definitely costs more. Combine that with gym membership costs, supplements, and possibly a trainer or trainer – the total cost of bodybuilding can quickly add up.

What is the most expensive steroid product on the market? Which is the cheapest?

Talking further about the cost of steroids, Victor Martinez answers the question: What is the most expensive steroid a bodybuilder can currently buy on the black market? Martinez says Primo, a steroid that helps with hardening to strengthen a physique, can be extremely expensive. He believes a single cc of the substance could cost as much as $20.

Compare this to something like Tren, which according to Victor Martinez you can probably buy a bottle for $20. This brings us to the other question: What are the cheapest steroids on the market? Victor Martinez claims that testosterone-based substances are often the cheapest. This includes Tren as mentioned above.

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Tom Platz’s statement on cycle and the cost of steroids: is he lying?

Discussion of steroids and the cost to purchase them leads Victor Martinez and the GI crew to discuss Tom Platz’s statements about his steroid cycle and how much it would cost. A video recently went viral showing an older Tom Platz detailing his regimen of steroid cycles.

Platz stated he would not spend more than $300 on steroids. In that budget, he claims he only took 100mg of Deca and 20mg of Winstrol. This is certainly far less than what the average professional bodybuilder can take today. Does this mean that he is lying to reduce perceptions of how many steroids Tom Platz is on?

Victor Martinez doesn’t necessarily think Tom Platz is lying. Martinez points out that steroids are manufactured and obtained very differently today than they were in the Platz era of sports. More often than not, Golden Age bodybuilders could (illegally) obtain directly manufactured steroids from a lab.

Today, most steroids are created completely underground. No longer in company laboratories. So no longer completely pure. Often you don’t know 100% what is in the steroid substances bought on the black market today. Fillers and other substances may be included. Some studies have shown that you may even get a completely different drug.

Victor Martinez believes that for this reason the lower amounts and lower cost make sense for Tom Platz. The purity was better. Less substance can go longer.

Other than that, the cost that Tom Platz mentions is not taken into account. $300 dollars in 1980 would be the equivalent of $1,104.48 today. While this may still be cheaper overall than what most bodybuilders pay overall, it does put into perspective what $300 was worth during Platz’s early career.


Victor Martinez shares some real insider information on the cost of steroids and how that cost has evolved over time. You can see his full comments in the latest episode of Iron generation podcast Above. Don’t forget to check out new episodes every Tuesday only on Generation Iron Fitness Network or wherever podcasts are downloaded.

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