Oh! I never knew about these health benefits of white turmeric

 Oh!  I never knew about these health benefits of white turmeric

Haldi isn’t the only type of turmeric available. White turmeric is something many don’t know about, but it’s extremely healthy. Here are the health benefits and uses of white turmeric.

If yellow or haldi turmeric is all you’ve heard of, it’s time to step up your spice knowledge! Say hello to white turmeric. My mother recently introduced me to this spice and its amazing health benefits. While you may be familiar with the vibrant yellow turmeric that adds a pop of color to your favorite Indian dishes, white turmeric also has miraculous effects on skin, hair, and overall well-being. Let’s know from an expert about the health benefits and uses of white turmeric.

What is White Turmeric?

White turmeric, also known as zedoary, is a traditional spice derived from the root of the Curcuma zedoria plant. White turmeric often finds its place in Asian cuisine. It is often added to curries and rice dishes in Indonesia to enhance the flavour. Thai salads also contain thinly sliced ​​fresh white turmeric. White turmeric has a bitter aftertaste and a paler flesh that resembles ginger in taste and texture.

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The fragrance of white turmeric blends earthy notes with hints of carrot, ginger and unripe green mango. Similar to ginger, the rhizome has a slight spiciness and a bitter taste. It is available during the spring and fall seasons. In Hindi, white turmeric is referred to as Amba Haldi, which means “mango turmeric” due to its distinctive camphor and green mango scent. It can be used fresh or to make pickled turmeric.

Uses of white turmeric

Dr. Mrunal Gole, an Ayurvedic expert, explains that white turmeric has been used in traditional medicine for centuries to address various health issues, such as cancer, dyspepsia, nausea, and menstrual irregularities. The spice is highly regarded for its rubefacient, carminative, expectorant, emollient, diuretic and stimulant properties, says Dr. Gole. The root is known for its effectiveness in treating fever, cold, cough, dyspepsia, flatulence and indigestion. According to the expert, the essential oil derived from white turmeric promotes hair growth and serves as a natural remedy for acne, hyperpigmentation and unwanted hair.

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Let’s explore some of the health benefits of white turmeric:

1. Promotes digestive health

White turmeric has long been used to improve gut health and address various digestive issues. The herb and its essential oil can help with problems like colic, indigestion, poor appetite, worm infestations, gas, constipation and spasms, says Dr. Gole. Furthermore, they possess strong medicinal properties and act as natural healers to prevent stress-related ulcers.

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2. Fights Inflammation

The powerful anti-inflammatory properties of white turmeric work wonders in reducing inflammation. According to Ayurveda expert, white turmeric provides pain relief, benefits people with rheumatism and arthritis and helps in the elimination of toxins and excess fluid from joints. The active component curcumenol contributes to its analgesic and wound healing abilities, making it beneficial for skin problems and wound recovery.

3. Rich in antioxidants

White turmeric is rich in antioxidants which inhibit the growth of free radicals and oxidative stress in healthy cells. Contains curcumenol, an anti-allergenic compound that prevents the formation of chemicals that trigger allergic reactions and the activation of the immune system.

4. Promotes skin health

The soothing and nourishing properties of white turmeric contribute to the overall health and appearance of the skin. This amazing herb can prevent premature aging and treat skin conditions like acne and dark spots. Topical application of white turmeric paste speeds wound healing as mentioned by Dr. Gole.

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5. Reduces respiratory problems

Excessive mucus and phlegm buildup in the lungs can lead to breathing problems, causing breathing problems and conditions such as asthma, coughs and colds. White turmeric helps address these issues and improves lung health when consumed in various forms.

Incorporating this herb into your diet and skincare regimen can unlock its potential and help make you healthier and more vibrant!

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