Kim Ks Senada Greca’s trainer in a bikini shares what she eats when she’s on the go

Kim Ks Senada Greca's trainer in a bikini shares what she eats when she's on the go

TrainerGreek Senadathe new fitness trainer fromKim Kardashianknows it can be difficult to stick to a healthy diet while on the go!

That’s why the Zentoa founder showed off her fit physique in a bikini to show off her muscles before telling — and showing — her followers exactly what she eats on the go.

Kim Kardashian’s fitness trainer Senada Greca in a bikini shares what she eats on the road

Many people travel during the summer months and Senada Greca is no exception. However, the popular fitness trainer also knows that it’s important to eat healthy while on the go. That’s why he put together an Instagram video showing his followers exactly what he eats, even when he’s in a hotel.

Senada eats a lot for breakfast, including three scrambled eggs, turkey bacon, mixed greens, and a croissant. At lunch she eats a bowl of burritos. She eats a turkey burger for dinner before ending the day with a sweet treat: a bowl of beetroot yogurt.

Kim Ks Senada Greca's trainer in a bikini shares what she eats when she's on the go
Instagram | Greek Senada

What I eat in a day – or rather what I ate on this particular day while traveling, she wrote in the caption. Traveling and living in hotel rooms can test your dedication to a healthy lifestyle when it comes to nutrition and exercise. But, where there’s a will, there’s always a way.

My ideology is not to limit or completely eliminate the things I like, but rather to adjust portions or modify, she explained, making sure to avoid the word cheat meal or cheat day in her caption.

Senada Greca poses in a black bikini
Instagram | Greek Senada

This is especially important as you begin to create better, healthier habits. I’ve found that an all-or-nothing approach doesn’t work for most, it can feel very restrictive and this can create a yoyo effect, a cycle of bingeing and starvation, she explained.

But when you eat unhealthy foods in small quantities and replace the majority of food portions with healthier choices, healthier living becomes more sustainable. And you’ll ultimately gravitate away from less healthy food choices to healthier ones.

Senada responds to a user who tells her to ‘start giving people more realistic images and expectations’

Senada Greca responds to criticism in a bikini
Instagram | Greek Senada

One fan seemed to be missing the point of his post. This is a great meal plan for someone with as many muscles as you! Muscle consumes and burns more, of course. Let’s be realistic; that someone just starting the journey may initially need fewer calories to lose weight and burn fat. Start giving people more realistic images and expectations! commented a user.

Thanks for your input, but I’m not sharing what you or anyone else should eat, the post is called what I (keyword l) eat in a day, explained Senada. Also, you are wrong if you assume that someone starting their fitness journey should consume less. It’s all relative and depends on so many personal attributes. So some people, beginners or not, may require more food than shown here and some less. A blanket statement does not apply to everyone.

Senada Greca responds to criticism in blue bikini
Instagram | Greek Senada

Fans also appreciated how real Senada looked in her video. Croissant is everything, congratulations, commented one fan. Croissants are a weakness, admitted Senada. Absolute lies!!!! No one can eat a ketchup burger in a white suit without spilling over, teased another follower. Ketchup came with the burger but I didn’t use ketchup on the burger, Senada confessed.

Do you drink alcohol? asked another user. From time to time, Senada replied. More and more research shows it negatively affects many aspects of your health, so I’m doing my best to minimize it. Another follower asked where she got her bikini top, giving Senada another chance to plug into her own Zentoa swimwear brand!

Senada Greca poses with Kim Kardashian in Japan
Instagram | Greek Senada

Overall, fans enjoyed the video’s insight. You are an inspiring person, thank you, commented one fan. Thanks for the insight, another follower wrote. Idol! You’re in inspiration, a third fan chimed in, to which Senada replied, So nice. Thank you.

Senada Greca also accompanied Kim Kardashian on her trip to Japan earlier this year and shared another video showing what she ate while there. Fans can watch that video by clicking here!

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