I’m a doctor, that’s the disgusting reason I never eat in bed

Dr. Samuel on TikTok


June 13, 2023 | 8:25 pm

This news will make your skin and bed crawl.

A Singapore-based TikToker who claims to be a general practitioner has revealed the gross reason why he never snacks while lounging in bed: cockroaches.

Do you like eating in bed? asked the GP, kicking off his TikTok video which has attracted more than 64,000 views this month.

Well, I have news for you, continued the TikToker, who calls himself Samuel.

He cited a case study of a 24-year-old Chinese man who allegedly had a habit of leaving unfinished food packages next to his bed.

The TikToker has unlocked a new fear for its audience.
Tik Tok / GP Samuel

Citing an alleged case study of a 24-year-old, Samuel said the man regularly ate in bed, attracting cockroaches.
Tik Tok / GP Samuel

One night, he felt severe pain in his ear, Samuel claimed, and was rushed to the doctor by his family.

The doctor reported that he found a cockroach with a growing family of 10 chicks nesting in his ear canal, crawling and scratching and causing a lot of discomfort.

Before you panic, Samuel assured his viewers, this is rare, but it can happen to anyone in different countries.

While rare, the phenomenon is not unheard of.
Tik Tok / GP Samuel

The Post reached out to Samuel for comment.

Entomologist Coby Schal previously told The Verge that it’s not unheard of for the parasite to sneak into the human ear—in fact, it’s attractive.

The smell emanating from the ear is attractive to the cockroach, Schal told the outlet in 2018.

Earwax emits the same fermented fragrance that it emulates from the volatile fatty acids found in our favorite indulgences like bread, cheese and beer.

And cockroaches rave about a midnight snack, making Sleeping Beauties an ideal target.

The ear of man would have housed a family of 10 children.
Tik Tok / GP Samuel

In the clip, Samuel showed footage of a cockroach being evacuated with hydrogen peroxide while recommending olive oil to get the same result.

Don’t try to use a tool to remove the bug yourself, he warned, while instructing onlookers not to panic. You may end up doing more harm to yourself than the bug.

Disgusted users watched in horror, realizing their days of munching in bed were over.

Rinsing the ear could push the bug out, she said.
Tik Tok / GP Samuel

Omg Nooooooo!!! I have this habit, one TikToker admitted.

This story really annoys me, joked another.

Welp Ima will be wearing earplugs now, one person said.

Not me eating in my bed while watching this another user wrote.

The ear is a dead end, he assured his viewers who feared the cockroach could end up in their brains.
Tik Tok / GP Samuel

The practitioner cautioned against using a tool to remove the insect, as it could make matters worse.
Tik Tok / GP Samuel

The ear canal isn’t the only crevice that long-legged insects can burrow into.

A gynecologist in Honduras recently revealed that a curious cockroach has made its way into a patient’s vagina.

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