I Tried Daisy Keech’s 8-Move, 8-Minute Abs Workout: Here’s Why I Hated It

I Tried Daisy Keech's 8-Move, 8-Minute Abs Workout: Here's Why I Hated It

Daisy Keech’s workouts attract millions of views on her YouTube channel, and this 8-minute abs workout is another huge follower hit. But when I started working on the tests – it’s officially called “Hourglass Abs Part III” – I immediately noticed one thing. I hated it.

If you haven’t already tried the classes from Daisy Keech’s Workout Library, I recommend having a resistance band or light weights on hand to build up the intensity. As a personal trainer, I had heard a lot about the social media sensation and was duly disappointed when I saw what was actually on offer for followers.

Here’s what happened when I launched one of the best yoga mats for home workouts and started testing Daisy Keech’s “Hour Glass Abs Part III” 8-Minute Abs Workout, and why I won’t be doing it again soon.

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The workout follows a 40-second, 10-second rest pattern, and Keech recommends hitting three rounds, repeating several times a week. You will do eight exercises in total, finishing with a plank grip.

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