Eat, digest, repeat! 6 morning rituals you can follow to boost your metabolism


“Metabolism” is the buzzword in the fitness world and your health depends a lot on your metabolic system. Whether it’s shedding those extra pounds or maintaining a healthy gut, you need a proper metabolism to keep going. Let’s start by understanding which metabolism? According to the Cambridge dictionary, it’s a chemical process in your body that causes food to be used for energy, growth and overall health. This means that what we eat each day plays an important role in driving our metabolic system. And according to experts from around the world, it’s your first meal of the day that helps shape the process. Today, we’ll bring your attention to some healthy morning rituals that can help you stay active throughout the day.
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Why is breakfast important to stimulate metabolism?

It is rightly said: “The morning shows the day.” If you have to rely on caffeine shots to navigate through your afternoon slump, then surely your morning rituals are to blame. Breakfast helps break the period of overnight fasting which slows down our digestion process and makes us sluggish. With a balanced meal in the morning, your body is replenished with essential nutrients that further kick-start the process and boost your energy levels and alertness. It also activates the detoxification and nourishment processes in the body.
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Here are 6 healthy morning rituals to help boost your metabolism:

1. Drink Water:

Drinking water, first thing in the morning, helps flush out accumulated toxins in the body, regulating bowel movement. This further aids the metabolism process, promoting energy, immunity, weight loss, blood sugar management and more.

2. Include A Detox Drink:

As mentioned above, drinking water helps promote detoxification. Including some other healthy ingredients in the right proportion helps speed up the cleansing process, promoting metabolism and digestion in the body. Here are some detox water options you can add to your morning ritual.

3. Don’t Skip Breakfast:

Once you’ve kicked off your day with a detox drink, it’s important to have a proper meal in the morning. Skipping breakfast will lead to gas build up in the intestines, slowing down the digestion process for the rest of the day. It’s not all. It can lead to inflammation, affecting other important body functions.

4. Add Protein And Fiber To Your Meal:

By now we all know how important it is to have a proper breakfast. When we say proper, it means including all essential nutrients especially protein and fiber in the meal. These nutrients help you stay full longer and make the most of other nutrients in the body. Here are some healthy breakfast options for you.
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5. Avoid Sugar:

Many of you love to start your day with some juice. Right? While we agree that juice helps you add liquids into your meal, drinking artificial and packaged ones just adds extra sugar, instead of the actual nutrients. Sugar not only loads you up with unnecessary calories, but it slows down the metabolism process, making you feel heavy and lethargic.

6. A shot of caffeine:

We agree, we can’t imagine a morning without our cup of coffee or tea. It provides us with the rush of energy that helps us get out of bed and start the day. Furthermore, it also helps in increasing the production of insulin and regulating the overall functioning of the body. But remember, take it in moderation as too much of anything can have adverse effects on your health.
Now that you have read everything, we suggest you follow these healthy morning rituals according to your body type and tolerance and enjoy a positive and energetic day.

Disclaimer: This content, including advice, provides general information only. It is in no way a substitute for qualified medical advice. Always consult a specialist or your doctor for further information. NDTV assumes no responsibility for this information.

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