5 free online workout routine generators to find the best exercises for you

5 free online workout routine generators to find the best exercises for you

Instead of racking your brain over what exercises you should be doing, let these free websites generate workout routines for you. Depending on how you train, you can choose the equipment at hand or the body parts you want to target. One of the apps uses ChatGPT for AI-generated workouts, while another has human-curated YouTube workout videos.


1. Workout.lol (Web): Simple and Beautiful Generator with MuscleWiki

Workout.lol uses MuscleWiki to create customized workout routines based on the equipment available and the muscles you want to achieve

Workout.lol is a simple, beautiful and fast workout generator that you don’t have to register to use it. It only takes three steps to set the parameters and the app will provide you with a personalized workout for your goals.

In the first stage, choose the equipment you want to use in the current routine. Choices include bodyweight, dumbbell, barbell, kettlebell, band, plate, pull-up bar, and bench press. Next, click on the muscles you want to train from a body map. Workout.lol uses MuscleWiki, one of the best tools for exercising individual muscles to match body parts to exercises and generates a workout routine based on that.

In the workout routine, each exercise has a letter next to it indicating which muscle it targets and a video demonstration. If you’d like to replace it with a different exercise, you can choose from the library of alternatives or click “Reshuffle” for a random exercise. You can also add or remove exercises from your routine. Workout.lol doesn’t use accounts yet, but you can save workouts for later as all of your historical data is stored in your browser cache.

2. BruiserFit (Web, Android): Generate a bodyweight workout routine without equipment

BruiserFit generates bodyweight exercise routines based on your time and fitness needs

You don’t need an expensive gym membership to get in shape. Bodyweight workouts are a popular way to train without any equipment and can be used anywhere, anytime. BruiserFit generates simple bodyweight workout routines based on your time needs and goals.

After signing up for the app, you’ll need to answer a few questions about your fitness goals and fitness program. Based on these, BruiserFit will calculate a workout routine for the week. Click “Start” to start today’s workout and the app will start a timer while a GIF shows the current exercise (push-ups, burpees, jumping jacks, squats, etc). Once you’re done, scroll down to the next exercise.

BruiserFit has two types of training plans. In time-based routines, you’ll repeat a certain set of exercises as the stopwatch counts down the time you have to finish it. In round-based routines, there’s no timer, but you have to complete the reps no matter what. The app logs all your activities and encourages you to keep your streak active.

Download: BruiserFit for Android (Free)

3. Random.Training (Web): Truly Random Training Generator

Random.Training is a truly random training generator for regular users looking for a different challenge

Random.Training is a truly random training generator. All it requires is the amount of time you want to train for, including rest intervals. And then immediately start with an exercise and a timer that counts down how long you have to do it. All exercises are time-based, not rep-based, so you should try to max out in that period.

The web app uses sound alerts to alert you to start or stop each exercise or rest period. It also plays free songs from a built-in Soundcloud player. If these aren’t to your taste, mute the player and play your own music.

It is clear that Random. The workout is intended for those who already exercise regularly. There are no demos for the exercises, as it assumes you have a basic understanding of the workouts. The app is ideal for those gym fanatics who are bored with their usual routine and want to switch it up for a day. It also fits well as a free HIIT app for a quick workout session.

4. Flexit (Web): Find a Hand-Picked Workout Routine on YouTube

Flexit has curated hundreds of quality YouTube workout routine videos and lets you filter them by exercise type, duration, and equipment

You already know that there are thousands of great exercise channels on YouTube that will give you different types of workout routines to follow. But when you want to start training, you don’t want to waste time choosing which one to play. Flexit relieves you of that by curating the best of these YouTube workout routines based on a few criteria.

It’s the little things that make this cure worthwhile. For example, all Flexit videos include a warm-up and cool-down, which is excluded from several workouts on YouTube. Each exercise is explained well by the instructor. And the video and audio are always clear.

With these parameters set, you can now filter the Flexit library of workout videos to find exactly what you want. Set a time limit for your workout from 20 minutes to 90 minutes. Choose the type of workout: Cardio, Yoga, Full Body, Upper Body, Lower Body, Pilates, Core, Abs, Tabata. And choose the type of equipment: bodyweight/no equipment, dumbbells, kettlebell, resistance band, jump rope, sandbag.

Flexit also has custom collections for different types of extended training plans. For example, there’s a 30-day total body workout that uses 15 different videos for a 22-50 minute workout each day.

5. GymGenie (Web): AI-Generated Personalized Workout Routines

GymGenie creates a personalized training plan using OpenAI and ChatGPT, based on your fitness goals

When AI can generate a travel itinerary for your personalized needs, it’s no surprise that a bot can create a personalized workout routine based on your needs. While several such apps are popping up, GymGenie has stood out for the questions it asks you.

You’ll need to set your current fitness level, enter your height and weight, your weight goal, how many times you plan to exercise per week, and whether you’ll be exercising at home or at the gym. It then asks you to set your main gym goal and your second main gym goal, choosing from four options: lose weight, build muscle, lean and toned body, and clean mass. Combining two hierarchical goals is the kind of input needed to find a training plan that’s right for you.

GymGenie uses OpenAI to understand all of these inputs and provides a ChatGPT response for your workout. It’s not well formatted, so you might want to copy and paste it into a word processor and then look into it. And right now, you can only generate one free workout routine per month and pay $2.99 ​​per month for unlimited routines.

Along with your training plans, plan your rest day

Now that you have multiple ways to get into a workout routine, make sure you plan your rest day as well. Rest and recovery are important for your body to incorporate the effects of your workouts. By scheduling light activity, mentally stimulating activities, and healthy nutritional intake, these rest days can enhance your fitness routine.

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